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Calandro's Select Cellars in Baton Rouge is proud to offer a wide variety of imported beer, fine liqueurs and spirits, below you will find products within our inventory.  Click on any of the "Quick Menu" categories to view those products available.  All items subject to prior sale, for up to date inventory please call (225) 383-7815.


Quick Menu:

Rums (back to top)


10 Cane Rum 750ml
Appleton V/X
Bacardi 151 750ml
Bacardi 8 yr. 750ml
Bacardi Gold 1.75L
Bacardi Gold 200ml
Bacardi Gold 375ml
Bacardi Gold 750ml
Bacardi Limon 750ml
Bacardi Select 750ml
Bacardi Superior 1.75L
Bacardi Superior 200ml
Bacardi Superior 375ml
Bacardi Superior 750ml
Barbancourt 4 year
Barbancourt 8 year
Brugal 750ml
Captain Morgan Gold 1.75L
Captain Morgan Gold 750ml
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Pineapple
Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Mango
Captain Morgan Private Stock
Captain Morgan Silver 1.75L
Captain Morgan Silver 750ml
Castillo Gold 1.0L
Castillo Silver 1.0L
Clement Premier Canne

Clement VSOP

Cruzan Dark
Cruzan Light
Eldorado Special Reserve 750ml
Flor de Cana 21yr Centenario 750ml
Flor de Cana 4yr 750ml
Flor de Cana 5yr 750ml
Flor de Cana 7yr 750ml
Foursquare Spiced 750ml

Gosling's Black Seal 750ml
New Orleans Amber 750ml
Malibu 750ml
Mount Gay Rum 750ml
Myer's Dark Rum 750ml
Neisson Agricole 750ml
Parrot Bay 1.75L
Parrot Bay 750ml
Pampero Aniversario 750ml
Plantation Rum 750ml
Prichard's Crystal Rum 750ml
Prichard's Fine Rum 750ml
Rhum Barbancourt 4yr 750ml
Rhum Barbancourt 8yr 750ml
Ronrico Gold 1.75L
Ronrico Gold 750ml
Ronrico Silver 1.75L
Ronrico Silver 750ml
Ron Zacapa Centenario 750ml
Saint James Agricole Rhum 750ml
Whaler's Vanilla 750ml


Cognac & Armagnac (back to top)


Alize Cognac VS 750ml
Cerbois Armagnac VSOP 750ml
Chateau de Briat Bas Armagnac
Chateau St. Aubin Armagnac 750ml
Cognac Davidoff Classic
Cognac Dudognon Resv Grd Champ 1er
Cognac Gautier Pinar del Rio XO
Cognac Lapostolle VS
Comte Audoin de Dampierre XO
Courvoisier VS 750ml
Courvoisier VSOP 750ml
Daron Calvados 375ml
Daron Calvados 750ml
Francis Darranze Bas Armagnac Resv
Germain Robin Alambic XO
Godet Fine Champagne Cognac
Hennessy VS 750ml

Hennessy VSOP 750ml

Hine Cognac 750ml

Kelt VSOP 750mlKorbel Brandy
Landy VS
Landy Cognac Desir
Maisson Surrenne Petite Champagne
Martell VS 200ml
Martell VS 375ml
Martell VS 750ml
Martell VSOP 750ml
Pierre Ferrand Ambre 375ml
Pierre Ferrand Ambre 750ml
Pierre Ferrand Reserve 750ml
Remy Martin VS 375ml
Remy Martin VS 750ml
Remy Martin VSOP 750ml
Remy Martin Fine Champagne XO
Tiffon V.S.O.P. 750ml
Tiffon X.O. 750ml


Brandy (back to top)


Asbach Uralt 750ml
California Crest
Cardinal Mendoza 750ml
Christian Brothers 1.75L
Christian Brothers 200ml
Christian Brothers 375ml
Christian Brothers 750ml
Don Pedro 750ml
E+J 1.75L
E+J 200ml

E+J 375ml
E+J 750ml

Gran Duque D'Alba 750ml
Jaseur Napoleon 750ml
Korbel Brandy 750ml
Paul Masson Brandy 750ml
Presidente Brandy 750ml
RMS Alambic Brandy 750ml
St. Remy Napoleon Brandy 750ml
Veccia Romana Brandy 750ml


Vodka (back to top)


Absolut 1.0L
Absolut 1.75L
Absolut 200ml
Absolut 375ml
Absolut 750ml
Absolut Citron 1.75L
Absolut Citron 750ml
Absolut Mandarine 750ml
Absolut New Orleans 750ml
Absolut Peppar 750ml
Asolut Raspberri
Belvedere 750ml
Chopin 750ml
Ciroc 750ml
Citadelle Vodka Apple 750ml
Citadelle Raspberry 750ml
Clubhouse Vodka 1.75L
Clubhouse Vodka 750ml
Dobra 1.75L
Dobra 750ml
Effen Vodka White label 750ml
Effen Black Cherry 750ml
Finlandia 1.75L
Finlandia 750ml
Fris 750ml
Gilbey's Vodka 1.75L
Gordon's Vodka 1.75L
Gordon's Vodka 750ml
Grey Goose Vodka 1.75L
Grey Goose 750ml
Grey Goose Citron 750ml
Grey Goose L'Orange 750ml
Goldenbarr Chocolate 750ml
Hangar One 750ml
Iceberg 750ml
Ketel One 1.75L
Ketel One 750ml
Level 750ml
Luksusowa 750ml
Mezzaluna 750ml
Mim's Vodka 1.75L
Monopolowa 750ml
Perfect 750ml
Players Exreme 750ml

Popov 1.75L
Rain Vodka 750ml
Seagram's Vodka
Skol Vodka 1.75L
Skyy 1.0L
Skyy 1.75L
Skyy 200ml
Skyy 375ml
Skyy 750ml
Smirnoff 1.75L
Smirnoff 200ml
Smirnoff 375ml
Smirnoff 750ml
Smirnpff Blueberry 750ml
Stolichnaya 1.75L
Stolichnaya 100 proof 750ml
Stolichnaya 80 proof 750ml
Stolichnaya Gold 750ml
Stolichnaya Vanil 750ml
Stolichnaya Razberri 750ml
Ston 750 ml
Ston 1.75L
Taaka Blue 1.0L
Taaka Blue 1.75L
Taaka Blue 200ml
Taaka Blue 375ml
Taaka Platinum 750ml
Taaka Red 1.75L
Taaka Red 750ml
Taaka Silver 1.75L
Taaka Silver 750ml
Tanqueray Sterling 1.75L
Tanqueray Sterling 750ml
Three Olives 750ml
Tito's Vodka 750ml
Van Hoo 750ml
Ultimat 750ml
Vincent Van Gogh 750ml
Volganaya 1.75L
Volganaya 750ml
Vox 750ml
X Rated Vodka 750ml
Xcellent 750ml
XO Vodka 750ml


Tequila (back to top)


Don Diego Santa Blanco
Don Diego Santa Anejo
Don Diego Santa Reposado
Don Julio Anejo 750ml
Don Julio Blanco 750ml
Herradura Anejo 750ml
Herradura Reposado 750ml
Herradura Silver 750ml
Hussong's Reposado 750ml
Jose Cuervo Tradicional 750ml
Jose Cuervo Minis 4-pack
Jose Cuervo Gold 1.75L
Jose Cuervo Gold 200ml
Jose Cuervo Gold 375ml
Jose Cuervo Gold 750ml

Jose Cuervo Silver 750ml
Monte Alban Mezcal 750ml
Patron Anejo 750ml
Patron Silver 750ml
Pepe Lopez Tequila 1.75L
Sauza Conmemorativo 750ml
Sauza Gold 750ml
Sauza Hornitos 750ml
Sauza White 750ml
Tequila Reserva 1800
Torada Dark 750ml
Torada Lite 750ml
Torada Triple Sec 750ml
Viuda de Romero Tequila 750ml


Gins (back to top)


Beefeater 1.75L
Beefeater 750ml
Beefeater's Wet
Bombay Gin 1.0L
Bombay Gin 1.75L
Bombay Gin 750ml
Bombay Sapphire 1.0L
Bombay Sapphire 1.75L
Bombay Sapphire 200ml
Bombay Sapphire 375ml
Bombay Sapphire 750ml
Boodle's Gin 1.75L
Boodle's Gin 750ml
Booth's Gin 1.75L
Booth's Gin 750ml
Calvert Gin 1.75L
Calvert Gin 750ml
Citadelle Gin 750ml
Club House Gin 1.75L

Gilbey's Gin 1.75L
Gilbey's Gin 750ml
Gordon's Gin 1.75L
Gordon's Gin 750ml
Hendrick's Gin 750ml
Junipero Gin 750ml
Mim's Gin 1.75L
Plymouth Gin 750ml
Seagram's Gin 1.75L
Seagram's Gin 200ml
Seagram's Gin 375ml
Seagram's Gin 750ml
Taaka Gin 750ml
Tanqueray Gin 1.75L
Tanqueray Gin 200ml
Tanqueray Gin 375ml
Tanqueray Gin 750ml
Tanqueray No. 10 750ml
Tanqueray Rangpur 750ml


Whiskey (back to top)


Ancient Age 1.75L
Ancient Age 750ml
Basil Haydens 8yr 80
Benchmark 1.75L
Benchmark 750ml
Benchmark Single Barrel 750ml
Blanton's Single Barrel 750ml
Booker's Bourbon 750ml
Canadian Club 1.75L
Canadian Club 750ml
Canadian Club 100 proof 750ml
Canadian Club 12yr 750ml
Canadian Club 15 yr 750ml
Canadian Club Reserve 750ml
Canadian Hunter 1.75L
Canadian Hunter 200ml
Canadian Hunter 375ml
Canadian Hunter 750ml
Canadian Mist 1.75L
Canadian Mist 750ml
Crown Royal 1.0L
Crown Royal 1.75L
Crown Royal 200 ml
Crown Royal 375ml
Crown Royal 750ml
Crown Royal S.R. 1.75L
Crown Royal S.R. 375ml
Crown Royal S.R. 750ml
Crown Royal Extra Rare 750ml
Eagle Rare Single Barrel 750ml
Early Times 375ml
Early Times 750ml
Early Times 1.75L
Evan Williams Black 1.75L
Evan Williams Black 750ml
Evan Williams Green 1.75L
Evan Williams Green 750ml
Evan Williams Single Barrel 750ml
Evan Williams White 1.75L
Evan Williams White 750ml
Ezra Brooks 1.75L
Ezra Brooks 750ml
Fighting Cock 750ml
Gentleman's Jack 1.75L
Gentleman's Jack 750ml
George Dickle No.12 750ml
George Dickle No.8 1.75L
George Dickle No.8 750ml
J.W. Dant Charcoal 1.75L
J.W. Dant Charcoal 750ml
J.W. Dant Sour Mash 1.75L
Jack Daniel's 1.0L

Jack Daniel's 1.75L
Jack Daniel's 200ml
Jack Daniel's 375ml
Jack Daniel's 750ml
Jack Daniel's Green 1.75L
Jack Daniel's Green 375ml

Jack Daniel's Green 750ml
Heaven Hill 200ml
Jim Beam 1.0L
Jim Beam 1.75L
Jim Beam 750ml

Jim Beam Black 1.75L
Jim Beam Black 750ml
Jim Beam Rye 750ml
Kentucky Tavern 1.75L
Knob Creek 750ml
Maker's Mark 750ml
Old Charter 10yr 1.75L
Old Charter 10yr 750ml
Old Charter 12yr 750ml
Old Charter 8yr 1.75L
Old Charter 8yr 750ml
Old Crow 1.75L
Old Crow 750ml
Old Forester 1.75L
Old Forester 100 proof 750ml
Old Forester 750ml
Old Grand Dad 100 proof 750ml
Old Grand Dad 114 proof 750ml
Old Grand Dad 86 proof 1.75L
Old Grand Dad 86 proof 750ml
Old Overholt Rye 750ml
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr 750ml
Old Rip Van Winkle 15yr 750ml
Old Taylor 750ml
Old Taylor 1.75L
Old Weller 107 proof 750ml
Rebel Yell 750ml
Royal Canadian 1.75L
Royal Canadian 200ml
Sazerac Rye 6yr 750ml
Seagram's 7 1.75L
Seagram's 7 200ml
Seagram's 7 375ml
Seagram's 7 750ml
Seagram's VO 1.75L
Seagram's VO 200ml
Seagram's VO 375ml
Seagram's VO 750ml
Seagram's VO Gold 1.75L
Seagram's VO Gold 750ml
Ten High 1.75L
Ten High 750ml
W.L. Weller 1.75L
W.L. Weller 750ml
W.L.Weller 19yr 750ml
Walker's Deluxe 750ml
Wild Turkey 101 proof 1.75L
Wild Turkey 101 proof 750ml
Wild Turkey 80 proof 750ml
Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 750ml
Wild Turkey Rye 750ml
Woodford Reserve


Scotch (back to top)


Irish/ Single Malt Whiskey

Aberlour 10yr 750ml
Balvenie Scotch 10 yr
Balvenie Scotch Doublewood 12yr
Balvenie Scotch Single Barrel 15 yr
Balvenie 21yr
Benriach 10yr 750ml
Black Bush 750ml
Bowmore Islay Legend
Bowmore 12yr 750ml
Bunnahabhain 750ml
Bushmill's 750ml
Bushmill's Blackbush
Bushmill's Single Malt 750ml
Cragganmore 12yr
Dalmore Single Highland 12 yr
Dalwhinnie 15yr 750ml
Deanston 12yr 750ml
Glen Deveron 750ml
Glenfarclas 10yr 750ml

Glenfarclas 12yr 750ml
Glenfarclas 17yr
Glenfiddich 12 yr 750ml
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15yr 750ml
Glenfiddich 18 yr
Glengoyne 750ml
Glenlivet 750ml
Glenlivet French Oak 750ml
Glenlivet 18yr
Glenmorangie 10yr 750ml
Glenmorangie 12yr Madiera 750ml
Glenmorangie 12yr Portwood 750 ml
Glenmorangie 12yr Sherry 750ml
Glenrothes 750ml
Highland Park 12yr 750ml
Highland Park 18yr 750ml
Jameson 750ml
Jameson French Oak 12 yr 750ml
Knockando 12yr 750ml
Lagavulin 750ml
Lagavulin 16yr
Laphroaig 10yr 750ml

Ledaig 15yr
Longmorn 15yr 750ml
Macallan 12yr 750ml
Macallan 18yr 750ml
McClelland's Highland 750ml
McClelland's Lowland 750 ml
McClelland's Speyside 750ml
Oban 14yr 750ml
Power's Irish Whiskey 750ml

Singleton 750ml
Speyburn 750ml
Strathisla 12yr 750ml

Talisker 750ml

The Balvenie 10yr 750ml
The Balvenie 12yr 750ml
The Balvenie 15yr 750ml
The Dalmore 12yr 750ml
The Dalmore Cigar Malt 750ml
The Glenrothes 750ml
Tobermory 10yr 750ml
Tullamore Dew 750ml

Blended Scotches

Ballantine's Finest 750ml
Ballantine's 12yr 750ml
Black and White 1.0L
Black and White 1.75L
Chivas Regal 12yr 1.75L
Chivas Regal 12yr 750ml
Chivas Regal 18yr 750ml
Crawford's 750ml
Crawford's 1.75L
Crawford's 200ml
Crawford's 375ml
Cutty Sark 1.75L
Cutty Sark 750ml
Dewar's 1.75L
Dewar's 12yr 750ml
Dewar's 750ml
Dimple Pinch 15yr 750ml
Duggan's Dew 1.75L
Famous Grouse 1.75L
Famous Grouse 12yr 750ml
Famous Grouse 750ml
Grant's 750ml
Highland Mist 1.75L
Highland Mist 750ml
Highland Park 12yr
J+B 1.75L
J+B 200ml
J+B 375ml
J+B 750ml
J+B J.E.T. 750ml
Johnnie Walker Black 1.75L
Johnnie Walker Black 750ml
Johnnie Walker Gold 750ml
Johnnie Walker Green 750ml
Johnnie Walker Red 1.75L
Johnnie Walker Red 750ml
Scoresby 1.75L
Sir Malcolm 1.75L
Teacher's 1.75L
Teacher's 750ml
Usher's 1.75L
Usher's 750ml
White Horse 1.75ml
White Horse 750ml
White Horse 1.75ml


High end liquor (back to top)


A.H. Hirsh 16yr. 750ml
A.H. Hirsh 20yr. 750ml
Baker's 107 proof 750ml
Basil Hayden
Canadian Club Sherry 750ml
Casta Weber Azul Tequila
Chivas 21yr 750ml
Chivas Century of Malts 750ml
Cles des Ducs Armagnac XO 750ml
Comte Audoin de Dampierre XO 750ml
Courvoisier Millenium 750ml
Davidoff Cognac 750ml
Glenfarclas 17yr 750ml
Glenfarclas 21yr. 750ml
Glenfarclas 25yr. 750ml
Glenfarclas105 750ml
Glenfiddich 18yr. 750ml
Glenlivet 18yr. 750ml
Glenmorangie 10yr. 1.0L
Glenmorangie 15yr. 750ml
Glenmorangie 18yr. 750ml
Godet Cognac 750ml

Grand Marnier Cuvee du Centenaire 750ml
Highland Park 18yr. 750ml

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel 750ml

Jameson 15yr. 750ml
Jameson Gold 750ml
Jefferson's Reserve 750ml
Jepson Signature Series Brandy 750ml
Johnnie Walker Blue 750ml
Kelt XO 750ml
Knockando 21yr. 750ml
Ledaig 15yr. 750ml
Macallan 18yr 750ml
Marnier Lapostalle 750ml
McKendrick 750ml
Midleton Irish Whiskey 750
Pierre Ferrand Selection des Anges 375ml
Pierre Ferrand Selection des Anges 750ml
Pinar del Rio Gautier Cigar Cognac XO 750ml
Pinch 15yr 750ml
Usquaebach Reserve 750ml
Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 750ml
Vintage Inchgower 750ml
W.L. Weller Heritage
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit 750ml
Wild Turkey Rare Breed 750ml


Liqueur & Various (back to top)


99 Apples
99 Bananas
Aalborg Aquavit 750
Absente 750ml
Alize Red Passion
Amaretto di Amore 750ml
Amaro Nonino Grappa 750
Amarula 750ml
Amsterdam Chocolate Liquer
Averna Amaro Siciliano 750ml
Bailey's 200ml
Bailey's 375ml
Bailey's Irish Cream 750ml
Barenjager 750ml
Berentzen Apfel Korn 750ml
Bols Blackberry 1 L
Bols Black Raspberry 1.0L
Bols Sour Apple
Bouchant 750ml
Branca Menta 750ml
Cachaca 51 1L
Cachaca Mae de Ouro 1L
Cachaca Ypioca 1L
Campari 750ml
Caravella Limoncella 750ml
Caravella Orangecella
Carnivo XO
Carolan's Irish Cream 750ml
Chambord 750ml
Chartreuse 750ml
Clement Creole Liqueur 750ml
Club Raki 750ml
Cointreau 750ml
Cointreau 375ml
Copa De Oro 750ml
Damiana Liquer
Dekuyper Amaretto 750ml
Dekuyper Apple Pucker 750ml
Dekuyper BluesBerry 1.0L
Dekuyper Cactus Juice 750ml
Dekuyper Cherry Pucker 1.0
Dekuyper Cream de Cassis 750ml
Dekuyper Hazelnut 1.0L
Dekuyper Hot Damn 1.0L
Dekuyper Peach Brandy 750ml
Dekuyper Peach Pucker 1.0L
Dekuyper Pineapple 1.0L
Dekuyper Razzmatazz 750ml
Dekuyper Sloe Gin 1.0L
Dekuyper Thrilla Vanilla 1.0L
Dekuyper Tropical Mango
Dekuyper Tropical Papaya
Dekuyper Tropical Pineapple
Disaronno 375ml
Disaronno 750ml
Dom B+B 375ml
Dom B+B 750ml
Dom Benedictine 375ml
Dom Benedictine 750ml
Dooley' Toffee 750ml
Drambuie 200ml
Drambuie 375ml
Drambuie 750ml
E+J Cask and Cream 750ml
Everclear 375ml
Everclear 750ml
Fernet Branca 750ml
Frangelico 375ml
Frangelico 750ml
Fruja 750ml
Galliano 375ml
Galliano 750ml
Gionelli Chocolate Fudge Schnapps
Gionelli Peach Schnapps
Gionelli Triple Sec
Giori Lemoncello 750ml
Godiva Cappuccino 375ml
Godiva Cappuccino 750ml
Godiva Dark 375ml
Godiva Dark 750ml
Godiva White Chocolate 375ml
Godiva White Chocolate 750ml
Goldschlager 750ml
Gran Gala 750ml
Gran Torres 750ml
Grand Marnier 375ml
Grand Marnier 750ml
Heering Cherry 750ml

Herbsaint 750ml
Herrgard's Aquavit 750ml
Irish Mist 750ml
Jagermeister 750ml
Kahlua 375ml

Kahlua 750ml
Kamora Coffee 750ml
Kamora French Vanilla 750ml
Kamora Hazelnut 750ml
Ke Ke Beach Lime 750ml
Kruskin Kruskovac Pear 750ml
La Captive Calvados
La Captive Poire William
Lairds Applejack
Leroux Anisette 750ml
Leroux Apricot Brandy 750ml
Leroux Blackberry Brandy 750ml
Leroux Blue Curacao 750ml
Leroux Butterscotch Schnapps 750ml
Leroux Crème de Banana 750ml
Leroux Crème de Cacao dark 750ml
Leroux Crème de Cacao lite 750ml
Leroux Crème de Cassis 750ml
Leroux Crème de Menthe dark 750ml
Leroux Crème de Menthe lite 750ml
Leroux Crème de Noya 750ml
Leroux Kirch 750ml
Leroux Peach Brandy 750ml

Leroux Peach Schnapps 750ml
Leroux Peppermint Schnapps 750ml
Leroux Raspberry 750ml
Leroux Rootbeer Schnapps
Leroux Sloe Gin
Leroux Strawberry 750ml
Leroux Triple Sec 750ml
Licor 43 375ml
Licor 43 750ml
Linie Aquavit 750ml
Liquore Strega 750ml
Lorenzo Inga Grappa 375ml
Luxardo Maraschino Liquer
Madarine Napoleon 750ml
Marie Brizzard Blackberry 750ml
Marie Brizzard Grand Orange
Marie Brizzard Kirch 750ml
Marie Brizzard Menthe 750ml
Marie Brizzard Triple Sec
Mathilde Liqueur De Café 375ml
Mathilde Liqueur d'Oranges 750ml
Mathilde Anisette 375ml
MathildeLiqueur Framboise 375ml
Mathilde Liqueur Cassis 375ml
Mathilde Liqueur Peches 375ml
Mathilde Liqueur Poires 375ml
McCormick's Irish Cream 750ml
Metaxa 750ml
Metaxa Mastic 750ml
Metaxa Ouzo 750ml
Midori Melon 750ml
Nassau Royale 750ml
Navan Gr Marnier Vanilla
Nocello 750ml
Nonino Chardonnay Grappa 375ml
Nonino Merlot Grappa 375ml
Ouzo #12
Pama Pomegranate Liqueur
Pernod 750ml
Pimm's 750ml
Pineau des Charantes 750ml
Praline 750ml
Prichard's Sweet Georgia 750ml
Prichard's Sweet Lucy 750ml
Ricard 750ml
Romana Sambuca 750ml
Romana Sambuca Black 750ml
Rumple Minze 750ml
Southern Comfort 100 proof 750ml
Southern Comfort 750ml
Strega Sambuca 750ml
Tequila Rose 200ml
Tequila Rose 750ml
Tia Maria 750ml
Torada Triple Sec 750ml
Tuaca 750ml
Vermeer Dutch Chocolate 750ml
Wild Turkey Liqueur
X Rated Fusion Liqueur


Domestic & Imported Beer (back to top)



Linderman's Framboise
Linderman's Peche
Linderman's Pomme
Linderman's Cassis
La Binchoise Brune Ale
Chimay Cing Cents Ale
Chimay Premiere Ale
Chimay Grand Reserve Ale
Blanche de Namur
Saxo Blond Ale
Caracole Amber Ale
Brasserie des Rocs Grand Cru
Brasserie des Rocs Blond
Brasserie des Rocs Triple Imperiale
Kwak Special Ale
Satan Red Ale
Delirium Nocturnum Ale
Delirium Tremens Ale
St Sebastiaan Grand Reserve Ale
Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale
Corsendonk Abbey Pale Ale
Duvel Golden Ale
Grimbergen Double Ale
Grimbergen Blond Ale
Hoegaarden White Beer
Floris Apple
Floris Framboise
Affligem Blond Ale
Stella Artois Lager


Meantime IPA
Meantime London Porter
Entire Butt English Porter
Monty Python's Holy Grail
Scarecrow Golden Ale
Monkey Wrench Dark Ale
St Peter's English Ale
St Peter's Old Style Porter
St Peter's Golden Ale
St Peter's Cream Stout
Hobgoblin Dark English Ale
Samuel Smith's Pale Ale
Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter
Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout
Samuel Smith's India Ale
Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale
Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout
Strongbow Dry Cider
New Castle Brown Ale
Whitbread Pale Ale
MackesonTriple Stout
Bass Pale Ale
Boddington's Pale Ale


Warsteiner Verum
Warsteiner Dunkel
Spaten Optimator
Spaten Octoberfest
Spaten Franziskaner Weissbier
St Pauli Girl Lager
St Pauli Girl Dark
St Pauli Girl NA
Kapuziner Hefe-Weizen
G Schneider & Sohn Aventinus
Beck's Regular
Beck's Premier Light
Beck's Dark
Kulmbacher Eisbock
Aying Celebrator
Paulaner Octoberfest Marzen
Paulaner Premium Pillsner
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
Paulaner Salvatore
Paulaner Original Munich
Einbecker Schwarzbier
Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock


Guinness Extra Stout
Guinness Draught Pub Ale
Guiness Draught Bottles
Kaliber NA a Guinness Product
Harp Lager
Killian's Irish Red


Orkney Skull Splitter Ale
Kelpie Seaweed Ale
Black Douglas
Old Jock


Hitachino White Ale
Hitachino Sweet Stout
Sapporo Premium
Sapporo Reserve
Asahi Super Dry
Tiger Lager


Samichlaus Vintage Malt Lager


Tilsburg's Brown Ale
Grolsch Premium Lager
La Trappe Dubbel Ale
Heineken Products
Amstel Light
Heineken Light Products


Carlsberg Elephant


Labatt Blue
Molson Canadian Lager
Unibroue Trois Pistoles
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde


Pilsner Urquell



Kronenbourg 1664


Golden Pheasant


Efes Pilsener


Estrella Galicia


Nogne O Pale Ale
Nogne O Porter
Nogne O Imperial Stout


Birra Moretti
Birra Moretti La Rossa
Peroni Nastro Azzurro



Corona Extra
Corona Light
Modelo Especial
Negra Modelo
Pacifico Clara
Sol Cerveza
Dos Equis Lager
Dos Equis Amber


Red Stripe Lager


Miller Brewing Company Products
Anheuser Bush Products
Coors Products
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Stout
Sierra Nevada Porter
Sierra Nevada Wheat
Sierra Nevada Seasonal
Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider
Woodchuck Dark & Dry Draft Cider
Woodchuck Raspberry Draft Cider
Woodchuck Granny Smith Draft Cider
Woodchuck Pear Draft Cider
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Rogue Mocha Porter
Rogue Chocolate Stout
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nector
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Golden Ale
Jolly Pumpkin La Roja Ale
Jolly Pumpklin Bam Biere
Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca
Anchor Liberty Ale
Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Porter
Anchor Bock
Eel River Organic IPA
Eel River Organic Amber Ale
Butte Creek Organic Ale
Dixie New Orleans
J W Dundee Honey Brown
Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale
Redbridge Sorghum Beer (Gluten Free)
RedHook ESB
RedHook Longhammer IPA
Flying Dog Pale Ale
Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine Style
Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat Ale
Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
Flying Dog Seasonal
Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat
Full Sail Amber
Full Sail Pale Ale
Full Sail IPA
Full Sail LTD
Abita Amber
Abita Golden
Abita Purple Haze
Abita Turbodog
Abita Wheat
Abita Strawberry
Abita Restoration Ale
Abita Light
Abita Seasonals
Sam Adams Boston Lager
Sam Adams Boston Ale
Sam Adams Honey Portor
Sam Adams Light
Sam Adams Brown Ale
Sam Adams Black Larger
Pete's Wicked Ale
Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blond
Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat


Kaliber a Guinness Product
Warsteiner NA
O'doul's Amber
Bush NA
St Pauli Girl NA
Old Milwaukee NA
Coors NA
Buckler NA


Not in Baton Rouge?  Our quality wine beer and liquor store is a short drive from the following areas in Louisiana: Gonzales - Prairieville - Baker - Zachary - Central and Port Allen.  Calandro's and Select Cellars are not responsible for typographical errors and/or pricing errors that may occur on this site, all prices are subject to change without prior notice.



Calandro's Select Cellars

(located inside
Calandro's Supermarket)


4142 Government St.

Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 383-7815

12732 Perkins Rd.

Baton Rouge, LA

(225) 767-6659



More than just a wine shop, we offer a wide variety of imported beers and fine liquor.


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We are proud to offer wine and cheese gift baskets, perfect for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.


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